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June 2022 Alumni Spotlight- Margaret “Meg” Lovorn Foster

*Each month, one of our current RCS students will compose an “OLV/RCS Alumni Spotlight.” For the month of June, senior Kennedy Williams interviewed Margaret “Meg” Anne Lovorn Foster from the OLV Class of 1982!


 JUNE ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Margaret “Meg” Anne Lovorn Foster, OLV Class of 1982

By Kennedy Williams, RCS senior reporter 

Margaret Anne Lovorn Foster, or as I know her, Mrs. Meg, graduated from OLV in 1982. Mrs. Meg was a part of the 100th graduating class!  Mrs. Foster went to Mississippi State University from 1982-1985, and then she transferred to The University of Mississippi Medical Center in 1985.  She graduated in 1987 with a BS degree in Nursing.  Not only is Mrs. Meg a successful nurse, but she is also the wife to Walker Foster and a mom to four amazing young women; Elizabeth Foster Brushaber, RCS Class of 2012, Emma Margaret Foster, RCS Class of 2015, Anne Marie Foster, RCS Class of 2018, and Mary Walker Foster, currently a senior at RCS. Mrs. Meg has been a nurse for 35 years and is currently the Administrator at Bienville Surgical Center.

When I asked Mrs. Meg about her fondest memories of OLV, she recalled the time spent with classmate and teachers, and playing soccer and basketball. Although these things are among Mrs. Megs fondest memories, the thing that meant the most to her was belonging to a community. Mrs. Meg stated, “I graduated with a class of 30 – most I had gone to school with all my life! We were a big family who had a tremendous amount of love for one another.” This love Mrs. Meg speaks about could be seen through all aspects of the school, Mrs. Meg stated, “OLV was a community who celebrated our successes and achievements but also helped me through grief and downfalls.  This continues for me today as I have been blessed to be surrounded by some of the most amazing and loving friends I would have never met if I had not attended OLV.”

Not only did Resurrection/OLV leave Mrs. Meg with numerous fond memories, but also a Catholic education that had a major impact on her future. Mrs. Foster attended OLV from K-12, as did her 3 older siblings, her mom (who also worked at OLV for 25 years), and her grandparents.  When thinking about the monumental impact a Catholic education had on her life Mrs. Meg stated, “I had many amazing priests, nuns, teachers and coaches throughout my education at OLV and continue to be grateful for the influence and impact they had on my life then and now. My Catholic faith was nurtured at home and at school. Without this type of education and environment, I would not have the same faith, morals, and strength that led me to believe that everything does happen for a reason and that God planned my journey to help me become the person I was meant to be. God is the one to whom I can always turn”.

As my interview with the MARVELOUS Meg Foster came to a close I asked her what lasting impact OLV had on her, and she said, “My experience at OLV helped me to do better and be better. I was surrounded by people who wanted me to succeed and encouraged me to reach my full potential not just in the classroom but in life.  I have prayed that my children/RCS students will experience that kind of love and support and take those things with them as they make their way into the world”. As Mrs. Meg said, we should always cherish what Resurrection has to offer!!