RCS Celebrates Homecoming 2023
October 16, 2023

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: John Bullock, OLV Class of 1972

By Addison Foster, Class of 2025

John Joseph Bullock graduated from OLV in 1972 and currently lives in Pascagoula, Mississippi with his wife Cheryl Bullock. He attended college at the University of Southern Mississippi and majored in Political Science/ Banking and Finance; his current occupation is a Commercial Insurance Broker. He has three children: John Joseph Jr. (Joey), Emily and Kevin, all who attended Resurrection Catholic School.
Mr. Bullock’s fondest memory at RCS was playing point guard on the Varsity Basketball team, which won the first Conference Championship under Coach Murphy. 
Mr. Bullock’s Catholic education has had a highly positive impact on him. He says, “I was fortunate enough to have very caring and involved teachers and coaches that were instrumental in helping me develop my own set of values, beliefs, and character. Likewise, I was afforded a very good education at a school with a very strong sense of belonging. That development has now come full circle as I am now an active RCS Foundation board member committed to the future of the school!” He tells the current students at RCS, “You are about to create a wonderful chapter in your life. Help each other, never be afraid of failure, don’t be shy asking for help, and, most importantly, stay connected!”