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Three large cohort variety of brain regions in five patients with minor or triv- studies (Borczuk 1995; Haydel et al vantin 200mg free shipping antibiotics guide. Bigler (2004) described subtle neurocognitive (Harad and Kerstein 1992; Schynoll et al buy cheap vantin 200 mg on line antibiotic x-206. Restoration water is nonrandom (shows anisotropy) because it is more of the normal intracellular and extracellular gradients of rapid along the long axis of an axon or set of axons (tracts) purchase vantin 100mg online antibiotics zomboid. Several groups have reported ab- what arbitrarily defined as up to 3 months after injury generic vantin 100 mg fast delivery infection rates in hospitals. McAllister and colleagues (McAllister measures of speed of information processing, attention and et al. By contrast, recovery can take much mality persisted at 15 days but was largely resolved 30 days longer for populations seen in emergency departments. For after injury except in 3 athletes who sustained a second example, Heitger et al. The question is whether dence of poorer cognitive function 6–8 months after a single these changes are associated with symptomatic and func- concussion in a small sample of collegiate female soccer tional problems, and what is the trajectory of recovery. In considering this topic, it is helpful cant emotional and behavioral sequelae are associated to focus on the following questions: 1) What are the typical with mild brain injury. These sequelae take two broad subjective and objective problems shortly after the injury? The latter (vulnerability to psychiatric illness) will to brain injury of varying severity and should not be consid- be discussed after the short- and long-term sequelae, be- ered synonymous with mild brain injury (Deb et al. A variety severities (as well as other conditions) have acquired the un- of instruments have been developed to assess these symp- fortunate label of “postconcussive symptoms. Figure 15–1 shows one such instrument, the River- common of these symptoms can be grouped into three cate- mead Post Concussion Symptoms Questionnaire (King et al. The Rivermead Post Concussion Symptoms Questionnaire After a head injury or accident some people experience symptoms which can cause worry or nuisance. As many of these symptoms occur normally, we would like you to compare yourself now with before the accident. Reprinted, with kind permission of Springer Science & Business Media, from King N, Crawford S, Wenden F, et al. For studies using other-injury con- mild brain injury patients describe one or more symptoms trol subjects in the follow-up interval of 1 year after injury, (Dikmen et al. In a more recent plained of headache, 60% complained of decreased mem- Institute of Medicine (2009) report on brain injury, the au- ory, and 50% and 25% either complained of decrease in thors reviewed 6 primary studies and 17 secondary stud- financial status or were unemployed, respectively, at ies that met their criteria for addressing the question of 3 months after their injury. Thirty-one percent of this long-term (in this instance defined as 6 months or more af- population had a history of prior brain injuries. What these data do not address are such issues as tom on the Rivermead questionnaire. Furthermore, the Long-Term Sequelae gating disturbance was associated with reduced hippo- campal volume and response to cholinergic agents. Some of this hinges on the cognitive complaints 6 months after injury but their cog- definition of long-term, which typically ranges from nitive performance did not differ from those without such 6 months to 12 months or more after injury. These is the rule, occurring over a variable period ranging from reviews are consistent in concluding that at a group level, 4 to 12 weeks. There are nu- of the 57 subjects reporting dizziness and headache and merous examples in medicine in which symptom clusters approximately 75% reporting fatigue.

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Badly Made Dystrophin (reduced formation of an altered protein) 638 Musculoskeletal System Multiple ChoiCe Questions 1 discount vantin 100mg with mastercard infection 4 weeks after surgery. A 9-year-old girl has diffculty in combing hairs and pathological examination reveals a small round cell climbing upstairs since 6 months buy cheap vantin 100 mg on-line antibiotics for sinus infection symptoms. Which of the following molecular fndings is sign positive and maculopapular rash over metacarpo- most likely to be present? What should be the next appropriate (a) 22q translocation investigation to be done? A 50-year-old lady presented with a 3-month history of pain in the lower third of the right thigh order vantin with a mastercard antibiotics for staph acne. Which of the following is false in relation to Osteo- local swelling; tenderness was present on deep pressure purchase generic vantin from india antimicrobial resins. Which of the following histological features (if (c) C-myc gene implicated in the genesis seen) would be most helpful to differentiate the two (d) Codman’s triangle is the characteristic X-ray fnding tumors? Large intracytoplasmic glycogen storage is seen in (a) Rhabdomyosarcoma (Delhi 2010) which malignancy? Osteoblastoma resembles histologically: (b) Chondroblastoma (a) Osteosarcoma (Kolkata 2002,2003) (c) Ewing’s sarcoma (b) Osteoid osteoma (d) Chondromyxoid fbroma (c) Chondroblastoma (d) Chondrosarcoma 17. Syncytial osteoclastic giant cells are seen in All Except: (b) Osteoid osteoma (a) Osteosarcoma (Kolkata 2002,2003) (c) Osteitis deformans (b) Ewing’s sarcoma (d) Osteomalacia (c) Chondroblastoma (d) Aneurysmal bone cyst 18. Which one of the following infammatory markers of muscle biopsy is diagnostic of polymyositis? Tophi in gout are found in all regions, except: (a) Osteogenic sarcoma (a) Bone (Bihar 2004) (b) Ewing’s sarcoma (b) Skin (c) Chondromyxoid fbroma (c) Muscle (d) Giant cell tumor (d) Synovial membrane 20. Dystrophin is lacking in: (b) Osteoid formation by mesenchymal cells with pleo- (a) Polio morphism (b) Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy (c) Codman’s triangle (c) Peroneal muscular atrophy (d) Predominant osteoclast (d) Spinal muscular atrophy 22. Ewings sarcoma arises from: (a) Inverted papilloma (a) G cells (b) Fibro calcifcation (b) Totipotent cells (c) Fibrous dysplasia of bones (c) Neuroectodermal cells (d) Chronic osteomyelitis (d) Neurons 23. Most common malignant bone tumor – (a) Osteoma (a) Osteogenic sarcoma (b) Osteosarcoma (b) Secondaries (c) Fibrosarcoma (c) Osteoma (d) All (d) Enchondroma 640 Musculoskeletal System 30. Joint involvement is symmetric, with the proximal interphalangeal and metacarpophalangeal joints especially involved. In the giant cell tumor of the bone, the cell of origin is: (c) Assertion is true and reason is false. Assertion: Patients with Duchene’s muscular dystrophy (d) Sinusoidal cells have diffculty in walking. Assertion: Osteosarcoma is associated with the radio- (c) Fibrous dysplasia logical appearance of Codman‘s triangle. Assertion: Great toe is the most commonly affected joint more than _ joints are involved? Analyzing some features of Ewing sarcoma with the data in stem of the question: • Arises in diaphysis and metaphysis (mass in the tibia in question) • Most patients are 10 to 15 years old (10 year old girl) • Approximately 95% of patients with Ewing tumor have t(11;22)Q (q24;q12) or t(21;22)Q (q22;q12) • Microscopically there are sheets of small round cells that contain glycogen. Please note that the option ‘b’ (11q deletion) given in the question should not be confused with the answer because in Ewing sarcoma we fnd 11q translocation and not deletion  Other features of Ewing sarcoma • Second most common pediatric bone sarcomas after osteosarcomas. Please see the answer section of chapter 4 for an informative summary on rosettes.

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High ligation of the long saphenous vein is overlapped by the inferior vena cava ous refux at the groin on clinical and Doppler -The long saphenous vein is ligated fush and on the lef side by the aorta (Fig buy vantin on line infection smell. The sympathetic chain is picked up If long saphenous veins are a collateral chan- transfxed for greater safety buy vantin 100 mg visa infection. Position of patient-Supine with 30º is of small caliber and the thigh per- logical confrmation effective vantin 100 mg virus structure. Closure-The abdominal wound is closed the saphenofemoral junction which is 3 to the knee purchase vantin 200 mg without prescription zenflox antibiotic, the risk of damage to the great in layers- muscles, with no 1/0 polyglac- 4 cm below and lateral to the pubic tuber- saphenous nerve increases signifcantly. The vein is clamped The following operations are performed for distally, divided and ligated (Fig. Incompetent calf perforators or communi- the saphenous vein which is then ligated. New alternative treatments-i) Radio fre- knee over the stripper) with steady quency closure. Closure-The groin wound as well as Steps of Operation junction is identifed by a marker before distal knee wound are closed with inter- 1. Position of patient-The patient lies prone elastic crepe bandage is applied from 2. Incision-A long vertical incision is made endotracheal intubation or spinal hematoma formation (Fig. The incision is deepened to divide the fossa at the level of the head of the fbula. Exposure-The incision is deepened ǯ Ȏ faps are refected till the perforators can through the subcutaneous tissue to expose be seen. Flush ligation-The short saphenous vein Tis operation is done for incompetent perfo- 5. Only the skin is closed with interrupted it pierces deep fascia to join the popliteal stitches. Closure-The proximal and distal wounds any operation on varicose vein popliteal incompetence. The loop is divided between two forceps vein a device is used to obliterate the vein and the cut ends are ligated. The process is repeated in other places quency of a small multipronged catheter, already marked. Chronic gastric ulcer Chronic duodenal ulcer ͵Ǥ ‹–‡ ‡••‡” —”˜ƒ–—”‡ ‘•–Ž› ‹ –Š‡ ϐ‹”•– ’ƒ”– „ Fig. Acute myocardial infarction with epigas- diagnostic Features tric pain, nausea and vomiting. Pleurisy and pneumonia may present abdomen which radiates to the infe- abdominal pain, acute retention of urine, with acute abdominal pain due to irri- rior angle of right scapula or right trauma, etc. The pain is ofen precipitated by a fatty with diabetes mellitus, obstructive jaun- iii. Diabetic ketoacidosis – Ketonic smell food, heavy meal or certain vegetables dice, thyrotoxicosis, etc. Intestinal amebiasis/giardiasis or other exclude acute intestinal obstruction worm infestations may mimic acute and peptic perforation. Ultrasonography – It will confrm the Abdomen) The important surgical causes should presence of stone which is responsible Q. A patient has come to emergency with be diferentiated from one another by their for more than 90 percent cases of acute acute abdominal pain. Classically a middle-aged male or As soon as the patient comes one should urine, etc.

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It progresses bioterrorism is presented below in the form of easy to to pocks (vesicles) that begin on the face and spread read questions and answers vantin 100 mg with visa virus brutal plague inc. Exogenous source involves refer to all types of infections acquired by the patients transmission from patient to patient or from health care while being treated in hospital order 100 mg vantin antibiotic wound ointment, as also by hospital staff worker to patient buy vantin 200mg antibiotic resistance frontline. It can also occur after exposure of members order vantin 100mg line antibiotic resistant infections, volunteers, visitors, workers, salespersons and a susceptible patient to a contaminated environmental delivery personnel, etc. He demonstrated that modification of such practices led to Control Measures control of such infections. Nosocomial infections continue to be a significant public • Hygienic handrubs-rubbing fast acting antiseptic health problem worldwide because of their frequency and preparations on to both hands. Am J Infect Control acquired infections and are a major source of nosocomial 1988;16:128-40. It is felt that a brief account of The most common type of oral cancer is squamous cell oral diseases is called for because these form a significant carcinoma. Sixty percent of oral cancers are well part of morbidity and even mortality [through oral advanced by the time they are detected, even though cancer]. Sufficient attention is often not paid to these physicians and dentists frequently examine the oral cavity. Still, oral cancer accounts for approximately 3 percent of all cases of cancer in the United States. Major Statements As regards India, useful and reliable insights into The major statements regarding oral diseases that etiology and risk of oral cancer in men and women is underline the basis and reason for the above monograph1 provided by an elaborately designed and analyzed case deserve to be presented here at the outset so as to provide control study from three centers in South India a backdrop for discussion of the oral problems of public comprising 591 cancer cases and matched 582 health importance, with special reference to India. Smoking or manual worker and various indicators of poor cessation significantly decreases the increased risk of oral hygiene were associated with significantly oral cancer within 5 to 10 years. This male female • Halitosis, diminished taste and smell acuity are difference was maintained when paan chewing with common side effects of smoking. In an earlier case control study from Tata Memorial tobacco usage, it was found that the frequency of Hospital,6 Rao et al found that in addition to chewing, tobacco habit was associated with the prevalence of smoking and drinking, nonvegetarian diet was also leukoplakia indicating a positive dose-response significantly associated with oral cancer. The dose-response relationship was A large case-control study of oral and pharyngeal stronger for the smoking habit than for the chewing cancer conducted in four areas of the United States habit. Because of the large study size, it could be shown that Oral Mucosal Diseases the risks of these cancers among nondrinkers increased with amount smoked, and conversely that the risks Smoker’s Palate among nonsmokers increased with the level of alcohol Smoker’s palate is seen especially among heavy pipe- intake. Among consumers of both products, risks of smokers and is asymptomatic and not premalignant. It oropharyngeal cancer tended to combine in a disappears after cessation of smoking habit. However, multiplicative rather than additive manner and were palatal keratosis associated with reverse smoking as seen increased more than 35-fold among those who in some parts of the world, is a premalignant lesion. Cigarette, cigar, and pipe especially in women, though it seems to be decreasing smoking were separately implicated, although it was now. These frequencies blacks, and among males and females, and showed little were lower compared to earlier studies done in the 60s difference when oral and pharyngeal cancers were and 70s in the districts of Visakhapatnam and analyzed separately. Among the other factors, dentures had Leukoplakia, the most common form of oral significant effect. In a study comparing normal and premalignancy occurs 6 times more frequently in completely edentate persons wearing dentures, Candida smokers than in non-smokers.

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