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Toluene Most are indoor contaminants released from synthetic • Although toluene is found in nature from sources such materials buy keflex 250 mg with visa antibiotics for bad uti, such as particleboard buy 250 mg keflex free shipping infection 5 weeks after c-section, carpets keflex 250mg without a prescription virus killing dogs, wall paint order keflex online pills antibiotic resistance game, as forest fires, volcanoes, and natural gas, it is widely glues, and cleaning agents (Bates & Caton, 2002). Depending on • Toluene is used extensively in producing benzene the chemical or the concentration and duration of the and gasoline. As a solvent, it is used in paint, rubber, exposure, the health effects can vary from eye irritation printing, cosmetics, and adhesive industries. Toluene is to lung damage, although the public health significance a starting material for the synthesis of other chemicals is not fully assessed in most instances. However, adverse effects resulting from radium, itself a decay product of a particular type of higher exposures indoors have been documented among uranium present in trace amounts in most rock and soil. Inhalation of radon leads to Asbestos radiation exposure of bronchial tissue, resulting in a risk • Canada is a leading producer of asbestos, a mineral fiber of cancer. Health risks among persons exposed to asbestos on concentrations found in residential housing, radon the job include chronic bronchitis and lung cancer (the exposure in combination with cigarette smoking results risk increases when combined with smoking), as well as in lung cancer rates greater than would occur from asbestosis (diffuse scarring of the lungs). Mesothelioma—a either radon or cigarette smoking alone (McClellan & rare cancer of the membrane enveloping the lungs—is also Jackson, 1999). Generally it is best to leave asbestos that is in them from persons coughing or sneezing, having direct good condition intact, as it indicates no exposure and contact with infected persons, or having indirect contact no significant risk. While such risks are more frequently found Provincial Health Officers Annual Report 2003 • Air Quality in British Columbia, a Public Health Perspective 25 Chapter 3:Indoor Air Pollutants andTheir Health Effects in developing countries due to malnutrition and low with asthma, sudden infant death syndrome, leukemia, immunization rates (Fatmi & White, 2002), they are respiratory infections, and the later development of continuing realities in other countries as well, especially adult obstructive lung disease as well as breast and for vulnerable groups. Some are hazardous primarily for their allergenic properties Second-hand Smoke. It is similar to what smokers inhale, but some lifetime; reactions include rhinitis (similar to common compounds are in greater concentrations because of cold symptoms) and sinusitis, as well as asthma and lower combustion temperature. Second-hand smoke hypersensitivity pneumonitis, which can be clinically also contains higher levels of carbon monoxide and severe (Hardin, Kelman, & Saxon, 2003). The nicotine and second-hand smoke have shown to be pneumonitis may develop over months or years, and a major source of health problems at all stages of life is sometimes associated with particular vocations in numerous studies in recent years. Associated health smoke is the primary risk factor for lung cancer among problems may include headache, fatigue, joint pain, and non-smokers (Brennan et al. In pregnant women, it is associated history of allergies, those with underlying lung damage with pre-term birth and small-for-date babies, as well as. In infants and children, it is associated mycotoxins, which are metabolites that can cause short-term irritation, or other symptoms. Legionnaires Disease In modern buildings, allergenic and infectious agents may be more widely spread by ventilation systems. A classical example of this is Legionnaires Disease, an acute febrile bacterial disease that may result in pneumonia, and even death from respiratory failure. Outbreaks have been associated with convention hotels, cruise ships, and other similar institutions. Transmission is primarily airborne as the organism legionella pneumophila is usually found in places such as air conditioning cooling towers, evaporative condensers, humidifiers, hot water systems. The disease occurs more frequently among older people, smokers, and persons with lung and other chronic disorders. In communities where wood burning is common, wood smoke forms a major component of outdoor particulate pollution, as well as indoor air pollution from heating and cooking.

Urinary tract infection-chronic buy keflex 750mg without a prescription topical antibiotics for acne in pregnancy, complicated Urinary tract infection and associated with indwelling catheter 500 mg keflex otc antimicrobial drugs antibiotics. Otitis externa-Malignant external ear infection in poorly treated diabetic patients order keflex 750 mg with mastercard infection vs virus. Laboratory diagnosis: Specimen: pus purchase cheap keflex antibiotics given for tooth infection, urine, sputum, blood, eye swabs, surface swabs Smear: Gram-negative rods Culture:. Obligate aerobe, grows readily on all routine media over O wide range of temperature(5-42 C). Bluish-green pigmented large colonies with characteristic “fruity” odor on culture media. Species of medical importance: Vibrio cholerae-01 Vibrio cholerae Characteristics:. Readily killed by heat and drying; dies in polluted water but may survive in clean stagnant water, esp. All strains possess a distinctive O antigen and belong to subgroup I with subdivision into three serotypes; Ogawa, Inaba, Hikojima. ElTor biotype is more resistant to adverse conditions than Classical diotype of V. Little value in identification Clinical features: Route of infection is fecal-oral route. Laboratory diagnosis: Specimen: Stool flecks Smear: Gram-negative motile curved rods Motility of vibrios is best seen using dark-field microscopy. Presumptive diagnosis: Inactivation of vibrios in a wet preparation after adding vibrio antiserum. Observe for large yellow sucrose-fermenting colonies after 18-24 hrs of incubation. Stricly microaerophilic bactria requiring 5-10% o2 and 10% co2 enriched environment. Species of medical importance: 254 Campylobacter jejuni Campylobacter coli Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli Characteristics: ƒ Gram-negative non-spore forming motile rods with comma, S or ‘gull-wing’ shapes. Enterotoxin Clinical features: 4 Inoculum dose: 10 organisms Source of infection is contaminated food, drinks,and unpasteurized milk the organism multiply in small intestine, invade the epithellium and produce inflammation Campylobacter enteritis manifests with fever, headache, malaise, crampy abdominal pain and bloody mucoid diarrhea, and usually self-limited enteritis in a week period 255 Laboratory diagnosis: Specimen: Stool Microscopy: Typical ‘gull-wing’ shaped gram-negative rods. Typical darting motility of the bacteria under dark field microscopy or phase contrast microscopy Culture: Grow best at 420c on selective media but can be cultured at 37 oc. Watery and spreading or round and convex colonies on solid media at low oxygen tension. Treatment: Erythromycin Shorten the duration of fecal shedding of bacteria Helicobacter pylori General characteristics:. Spiral-shaped gram negative, microaerophilic, motile rods with polar flagella Antigenic structure: Pili Protease U rease Pathogenesis and clinical features: Route of entry: Ingestion of contaminated food and drinks Familial clustering of H. Diadnosis: Specimen: Gatric biopsy, serum Smear: Giemsa or silver stain Culture: Skirrow’s media Tanslucent colonies after 7 days of incubation Biochemical reaction:. Legionnaires disease: Pneumonic presentation with high fever, chills, dry cough, hypoxia, diarrhea, and altered mentation 2. Lack superoxide dismutase and catalase, and susceptible to the lethal effects of oxygen and oxygen radicals. Most anaerobic infections are caused by “moderately obligate anaerobes”, and polymicrobial in nature caused by combination of anaerobes, facultative anaerobes and aerobes. Gram negative Bacteroides fragilis group colon Prevotella melaninogenica Mouth Fusobacterium Mouth/Colon b. Gram positive Actinomyces Mouth Lactobacilli Vagina Propionibacterium Skin Clostridium Colon 2. Gram positive Peptostreptococci Colon clinical features: 260 Representative anaerobic infections Commonly isolated anaerobic bacteria Brain abscess Peptostreptococci Oropharyngeal infection Actinomyces P.

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Investigation of a random sample of these vehicles shows that virtually all had been taken off the road buy keflex american express antibiotics used uti. A voluntary scrappage program called Scrap-It has also been established in the Lower Fraser Valley that offers transportation alternatives in exchange for older keflex 500mg generic antibiotic x-206, polluting vehicles order keflex no prescription 5w infection. Failing vehicles were given notice and orders requiring that they be brought into compliance and re-tested within 30 days buy keflex 750 mg with amex bacteria class 8. The new program will test cars and light trucks, as well as heavy trucks that emit excessive smoke. This strategy on automobiles and thereby improve air quality, physical avoids overloading an already overburdened inner-city fitness, and health (Ewing, Schmid, Kinningsworth, Zlot, road system, although of course it requires integrated & Raudenbush, 2003). For example, as more people are attracted towards using light Area Sources rail transit, bus routes and “park and ride” locations also Area sources include open burning of waste material from need to be expanded. Other area sources Support for Alternative Transportation include vehicle refueling and commercial and domestic fuel Alternative forms of transportation need to be supported combustion, as well as fertilizer and animal operations, by public and private sector policies that are health and which produce ammonia emissions. Strategies for addressing the2 walking); a vehicle trip reduction program; a “Green more controllable area sources range from regulation to Transportation Fund” to be supported by a small education, including technological solutions and market-increment to the regional gasoline tax and to be used to based approaches. Regulatory strategies may involve prohibiting some Similarly, in the private sector, support could include emissions. They are also more likely to suffer controlled conditions, while the Ministry of Forests from high blood pressure. However, one sees open burning routinely in land clearing People who live in these areas may find that driving is the even in relatively built-up areas where landfill alternatives most convenient way to get things done, and are less likely are available. Tere is a need to find ways to reduce or to have easy opportunities to walk, bicycle, or take transit eliminate these outmoded practices, and public information as part of their daily routine. While the report notes that people can do little about such forces of nature when they get out of control, it also found that a successful record of fire suppression actually led to a build up of fuel. Provincial Health Officers Annual Report 2003 • Air Quality in British Columbia, a Public Health Perspective 79 Chapter 7:Choice of Intervention and Evidence of Effectiveness Table 7. Rebates By-laws The use of rebates is an innovative approach to control air Another option for improving air quality for local pollution. For example, one in a number of communities to provide homeowners with by-law in the city of Vernon states: “No person shall install a an incentive to replace old woodstoves with less polluting wood burning appliance after date of adoption of this By-law versions. The Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection that does not comply with the emission standards established sponsors the programs throughout the province. Beyond wood smoke, additional concern arises from Mow Down Pollution, an initiative of the Clean Air the practice of households and construction companies Foundation in partnership with Home Depot, is another of burning plastics and other garbage in open fires and example of a rebate program that provides incentives to incinerators, as this practice releases particulate matter and toxic chemicals. The resulting smoke is also much 80 Provincial Health Officers Annual Report 2003 • Air Quality in British Columbia, a Public Health Perspective Chapter 7 :Choice of Intervention and Evidence of Effectiveness denser and more noticeable. Household garbage burning • Material selection -offers an opportunity to choose is exempt from provincial legislation; it is important materials that are minimal sources of indoor emissions, therefore for municipalities to develop by-laws in this area. This also Indoor air quality management requires attention to offers a timely opportunity to train staff responsible for three main strategies: proper design and construction building operation and maintenance. Ventilation space around some appliances, Design and Construction such as refrigerators, is also important in maintaining Steps such as site selection, site preparation, building indoor air quality. In terms of potential energy demand, envelope design, ventilation, material selection, some appliance choices are more efficient than others; commissioning, and choice of appliances can be taken in for example, microwave ovens are more efficient than order to prevent future problems with indoor air quality ovens for most purposes. Control of Indoor Pollution Sources • Site preparation -helps to avoid future indoor air • Mold and Other Biological Contaminants quality problems, especially with regard to drainage. Regardless of the age of the building, biological Choosing dry and well drained building sites and contaminants will flourish wherever there is moisture. Controlling usually by ensuring there is appropriate ventilation internal loads by practices such as using natural light and maintaining building surfaces at a temperature and energy-efficient appliances, also conserves that will prevent condensation.

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